Joy Cinema/99w Drive In: unsung cinema near Portland

Joy Cinema Tigard Oregon
Joy Cinema!

Near one of the worst intersections in town, the Joy Theater is up and thriving. Stuck out where 99w/I-5 meet, the Joy has been back in business for over a year. Another vintage theater saved! Not only do they show second runs and 3d films, they host a whole mess of special features, including $1 kid matinees, and Weird Wednesday! Past Weird Wednesday features include: “She Devil on Wheels”, “The Acid Eaters”, and my fave movie name of all time: “EEGAH!”. Sure it’s out of the way if you live in the Portland Grid, but man – looks like it’s well worth the trip!

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Portland Halloween Happenings!

I have a feeling Portland is going to go ape-crazy for Halloween this year. Maybe Halloween is Portland’s Mardi Gras? Here’s a few things coming up!

TODAY – Portland Zombie Walk and Thriller dance mob thing – 4pm Pioneer Courthouse Square. Get your early Halloween zombie fix! Join the march, and look out for the Zombie Hunters.

Don’t miss Davis Graveyard, either. Free!
On 43rd and Johnson Creek Road – I went last night and it was beautiful. These folks spend countless hours decorating their yard with tombstones, creepy statues, decomposing angels and The Spider! Look for the amazing ghostly projections scattered throughout – dancing ghosts, spooky horse and the creepy priest! Halloween just got better.

And if you haven’t seen this already, not Portland related but absolutely brilliant:
Sears Zombie Page!

Lucky Strike Restaurant Portland

You like it hot? You like it Sichuan ? This is the place for you!

See the Google reviews for Lucky Strike in Portland

On a daring visit about a week ago, we had to try the latest and greatest in Asian food. Friends had recommended it, so why not? My brother from Florida, my world-globetrotting mom, and my up-for-anything S.O. journeyed out to far SE Powell for culinary daring-doo.

This is NOT General Pao’s chicken in cornstarch sauce. This is apparently straight-up vocanic Sichuan cooking. Our table of 4 ordered the Seafood pancake, green beans, plain rice, beef with broccolli , and the plain asian vegetables.

The seafood pancake was delightful. Chock full of briny squid, shrimp and other flavors, and served with a spicy (but not overwhelming ) peppers in oil dipping sauce.

The green beans were smothered in easily avoided red chile peppers. They had a delightful salty clean flavor, balanced with a mouth numbing peppercorn. (I later found in this yelp review, it’s called “huajiao”).

The Beef and Brocolli was listed as “on the safe side” on the menu. Being vegetarian, I tried the broccolli only. Nice, garlicky and bland!

If I had do-overs, I’d take my mother and brother to a ‘safer’ Asian joint, like Om Seafood or Powell Seafood, both also on SE Powell. This is not so great for non-meat eaters, but glad I tried it!