Return to “Lucky Strike” restaurant

Lucky Strike moved to larger and easier to find digs on SE Hawthorne and 39th. After a rousing evening with Wendy and the Lost Boys at the Hawthorne Theater Lounge next door, it was time to test the peppers at Lucky Strike.

The food, once it showed up, was exquisite. The green beans and beans (grean beans and dried black beans) remain salty, spicy and garlicy as before. The seafood pancake now has what i think was shaved bonito tuna on top. It was paper thin strips of smoked tuna that, to the dismay of one dinner companion, waved and undulated like seaweed. Seriously. I thought it was just wafting in the heat. But even after the pancake had somewhat cooled down, parts kept on-a-waving.

Service was awful and clueless. I asked about my animated food, and our server responded “i don’t know what’s on top”. Drinks showed up after entrees. And then the appetizers appeared.

I’m satisfied with the Lucky Strike experience and prolly won’t go again.

Again, crowdsourced reviews at Yelp: