Lucky Strike Restaurant Portland

You like it hot? You like it Sichuan ? This is the place for you!

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On a daring visit about a week ago, we had to try the latest and greatest in Asian food. Friends had recommended it, so why not? My brother from Florida, my world-globetrotting mom, and my up-for-anything S.O. journeyed out to far SE Powell for culinary daring-doo.

This is NOT General Pao’s chicken in cornstarch sauce. This is apparently straight-up vocanic Sichuan cooking. Our table of 4 ordered the Seafood pancake, green beans, plain rice, beef with broccolli , and the plain asian vegetables.

The seafood pancake was delightful. Chock full of briny squid, shrimp and other flavors, and served with a spicy (but not overwhelming ) peppers in oil dipping sauce.

The green beans were smothered in easily avoided red chile peppers. They had a delightful salty clean flavor, balanced with a mouth numbing peppercorn. (I later found in this yelp review, it’s called “huajiao”).

The Beef and Brocolli was listed as “on the safe side” on the menu. Being vegetarian, I tried the broccolli only. Nice, garlicky and bland!

If I had do-overs, I’d take my mother and brother to a ‘safer’ Asian joint, like Om Seafood or Powell Seafood, both also on SE Powell. This is not so great for non-meat eaters, but glad I tried it!

Dundee Hills Post Thanksgiving Wine Tour

Tried to tour the Dundee Hills wineries the day after Thanksgiving. Over 160 wineries were open, most only open to the public for drop-in that one day.

Happily I was the designated driver of a rental van full of 5 adults and 2 very patient youngsters.
In 5 hours we covered 4 vineyards!
Tastings run about $15, and you get a souvenir glass, and snacks. Number of pourings depends on the vineyard

Starting with Duck Pond in Dundee:
No ducks. No pond. Absolutely beautiful grounds and a nice gift shop with non-alcoholic drinks for the kids.

Next stop:  Red Ridge – Between Dundee and Lafeyette

It’s a nursery, with a garden shop, and they are now pressing their own olive oil. In addition to wine tastings from neighboring vineyards, they had an olive oil tasting as well. Gorgeous views, and a nice deck looking over the hills. I bought an adorable button fern. They sell an eclectic selection of medicinal herbs as well.

Vista Hills Vineyard – Dayton, OR

We seemed to stay longer as the tour progressed. Vista hills is surrounded by trees, overlooking the hills, of course. They have a huge deck with a view, and an outdoor fireplace downstairs.  We packed lunch in Portland and stayed here to eat.  Apparently, at a nearby vineyard, you can rent horses and sign up for a tour of vineyards by horseback.


Belle Pente

Belle Pente is open by appointment only.  Glad we stopped by for the tasting. More amazing views, and a pen of chickens and geese.

Cranky geese!

View from Belle Pente
View from Belle Pente

Belle Pente offerings
Belle Pente offerings

Stop planning, just blog already!

Great advice from Justin Kistner


Justin gave a brief blogging overview in our Social Media Marketing class at PSU a few weeks ago.  Basically, he said not to plan what to write about, and you never know what will be popular.   Just go ahead and write.  Post away!

I think it’s good advice because I’m not much of a planning person.  So having no pressure to perform or realize an out come motivates me.   Although, like the brave souls trying to write a novel in a month, having a deadline or at least a post a week (Facebook doesn’t count) should help.