List of Portland things I need to do…

I have this great idea of compiling a list of things I need to see/do/visit in wonderful Portland Oregon. Even though I’ve lived here 8 years I still feel like a tourist. So here’s round 1:

  1. Velveteria – here’s a good reason to not procrastinate. Velveteria is shutting it’s doors January 24 2010. Velveteria is a museaum of fine black velvet paintings. They even offered black velvet painting classes for a while.
  2. Stark’s Vacuum Cleaner Museum
  3. – Hrm maybe it’s just a rumour from a bygone era since there’s no mention on Stark’s Vacuum Cleaner site. I believe it’s at their main store on Grand Ave.

  4. Portland City Grill Happy Hour – Way up at the tippy top of the 30 floor Big Pink building downtown. I guess you go for the view. Here’s their page: Portland City Grill