Husky or Maltese, Whatever!
Thanks, Cafemama!

With a song in my heart and a spring in my step, finally one of SouthEast Portland’s great mysteries is solved!

I frequently pass a strip mall near 36th and Powell boasting the glorious sign for “Husky or Maltese, Whatever” – a restaurant that is never, ever open.

Here’s some pictures of the sign on Flickr

I’ve swung by the restaurant countless times over say the past 7 years. There are tables with table clothes, silverware, chairs, curtains pulled, signage out front – everything it indicate it’s a real working place! But it’s never, ever, ever open.

Turns out, the owner signed a lease, cobbled up a name, but makes more $$ selling crepes at the Snow White cart downtown. The name came from a misunderstanding by her accountant. The owner wanted to come up with a name that included her dogs. The accountant asked “Which dog?”  – the rest…is Portland history.

Now you can write your own Husky or Maltese, Whatever! review on Yelp!

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