Hello Google Backlash

Port-a-potties with a clear message
Is it full of...?
I suppose it was just a matter of time. I’m sure there were others like me who think about Google’s omnipresence when searching for information on the internet. Google is a benevolent dictator that we all trust, and work hard to please when designing sites and writing copy for optimization purposes.

So who keeps on eye on it’s Googley-ness? The FCC? The W3C? ICANN? Nope. It’s really all those SEO marketers. They continually track, pester, malign, praise, skirmish, and call out Google when things “change”.

Jill Whalen, who runs High Rankings Advisor – a Boston area SEO firm, just published an article: Google Sucks All the Way to the Bank! which proposes – I hope you’re sitting down – That Google returns inferior information “Because Google doesn’t make money off of their organic search results.”

There have been all manner of google-bashing conspiracy posts over the years, claiming this or that injustice. This stands out because Ms. Whalen had been SEO’ing since 1995, and tracking Google since it’s inception.

It makes me wonder about putting all search eggs in one basket, ie: targeting *everything* for The Google. And the end of Google as the most trusted search engine.