New years food favorites in Portland

New years food favorites:

Cherry Naan at India House: PhilG calls it Indian Pop Tart. Unleavened bread with nuts and cherries. Basically naan with dried cherries and ground nuts in the middle. Sweet w/out being cloying. Goes great with the rest of the indian menu believe it or not.

Spella Caffe: After endless raves on the interwebs for their cart at 10th and Alder, they’ve opened a teensy euro-esque coffee shop at 520 SW 5th at SW Alder (near the downtown Ross- blink and you’ll miss it). Oh it’s worth it. Smooth and velvety 12oz latte for $3.50. They also offer gelato, house roasted coffee beans for $14/lb, and some pastries.

( Open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5pm 503.752.0264 )