Sauvie Island Mystery

Aqua-craft landlocked at Sauvie Island
Aqua-craft landlocked at Sauvie Island

Here’s another Portland area mystery – what the heck is that? I have a full set of pic on Flickr – click here!

I’ve tried Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, craigslist, everything I can think of to find out if anyone in the area has any idea what this is. One lead is a user on Flickr who claimed his dad built and launched it years ago. I tried to contact the user for more details, but no reply.

Can anyone help??

Husky or Maltese, Whatever!
Thanks, Cafemama!

With a song in my heart and a spring in my step, finally one of SouthEast Portland’s great mysteries is solved!

I frequently pass a strip mall near 36th and Powell boasting the glorious sign for “Husky or Maltese, Whatever” – a restaurant that is never, ever open.

Here’s some pictures of the sign on Flickr

I’ve swung by the restaurant countless times over say the past 7 years. There are tables with table clothes, silverware, chairs, curtains pulled, signage out front – everything it indicate it’s a real working place! But it’s never, ever, ever open.
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Mihmorandum | Hotpot vs Yelp vs Facebook | Local SEO

Great analysis espcially for local search – More info about HotPot, and how it’s different than Yelp. I agree – what I like about HotPot is short one-hit reviews, as opposed to crafting a full review for Yelp

“Where Yelp is all about depth, HotPot is all about width, in terms of trying to glean at least a modicum of rating information about each business from as many of its patrons as possible.”

via Mihmorandum | Hotpot vs Yelp vs Facebook | Local SEO.